National Day of Dialogue – March 2017


Add Your Voice To The Movement

AAWCC is celebrating over 40 years of service. We are interested in understanding how as an organization we can continue to meet the needs of our community college constituents. The Board of AAWCC is requesting all community colleges, especially those that are institutional members and/or have college chapters, to host another National Day of Dialogue during the month of March 2017.


Why Should You Participate?

AAWCC wants to be relevant in supporting women working at community colleges. We need to hear from women and men who are concerned about the future of women working at community colleges.


It Is Easy To Join Us

Colleges are asked to simply plan a National Day of Dialogue session during the month of March 2017 that can be as short as an hour or as long as a full work day. During the session, participants will need to answer questions that incorporate the following questions below. You may have to modify these questions in order to meet the mission your AAWCC Chapter, Class, or on campus community group serves that is providing this National Day of Dialogue.


National Day of Dialogue Question:

How can community colleges CHANGE their environments and encourage employees and students to openly discuss and report sexist comments, sexual assault, harassment and violence? 


National Day of Dialogue Sub Questions: 

In the 2015 National Sexual Violence Resource Center report it is stated that 90% of sexual assaults go unreported. 

a. Why is this the case?

b. How can community colleges reverse that trend?


How does the role of societal power through accepting sexist locker room talk and bystander passivity encourage the culture of silence?

How can AAWCC members work together to create safe spaces for students and employees to talk about their experiences?

What best practices and successful programming can community colleges use to bring positive social change that encourages students and employees to talk and report? 

(Example programs to consider during your conversation could be the Green Dot Program, Step Up, Bystander Intervention Training,  Know Your Power) 


How To Plan A National Day of Dialogue Event and Record all participant answers? Click here. Send template with answers to Tracy Struble by March 31, 2017.


Who Should You Contact For Information?

Tracy Struble

North Idaho College



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